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Company History

Foundation of the EPOLOG Exportverpackung und Logistik GmbH by Stephan Wiegers on 1 October, 2002, in Alheim-Heinebach with 15 employees. The management is located in the branch in Hanau. 

Acquisition of the shipping department of a big German machine maker in the centre of Germany. 

Foundation of the branch in Hamburg and expansion of the company´s range of services bringing in the field of container handling.
More than 60 employees are working for EPOLOG.

Strong expansion in all fields of business, especially in the service of container handling. 

EPOLOG is educating trainees for the first time.

Opening of the branch in Hauneck-Unterhaun (near Bad Hersfeld).
For the first time EPOLOG is occupying more than 100 employees in the different branches.